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Karen has a wonderful gift with people, making them feel relaxed and calm, whether that be when at a wedding or portrait session.

She has a diploma in photography but her interest started at a very young age. Her first camera was from Father Christmas at the tender age of nine. Ever since then, you would rarely find Karen without a camera in her hand, but for many years she chose other professions and did the photography for pleasure. However over recent years she decided to turn her passion of photography in to her career and as you can see from her work, her love for photography shows through.

Karen enjoys working with people and finds people interesting and fascinating which is reflected in her images.

Karen's philosophy to wedding photography is that it shouldn't be complicated. A wedding should be fun and not a stressful shoot. The relationship between the bridal party and the photographer is of great importance to Karen and she believes in being as discreet as possible on the day, catching the emotion as it unfolds and obtaining images that can be treasured for a lifetime to come.

She applies the same principal to her portrait work. Karen has a portable studio so that depending on various factors she could come to your home or a selected setting to have portrait sessions, helping to keep you relaxed and calm.

Be assured, Karen is a dedicated, creative and imaginative photographer, she believes in offering a professional and bespoke service.